Creative Fields: The worlds of wine and design with Morgado Do Quintão

We're joined and generously supported this year by our friends Morgado do Quintão, wine producers from the Algarve committed to organic and low intervention wine. Through various programs, they intertwine their longstanding history of wine with a commitmment to culture - from supper clubs, entertaining and travel to art residencies and 'CAMP' their 3 day retreat of art, music, talks and wine.

Hear from owner Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos about the culture of Morgado Do Quintão and the Algarve.


Can you explain a little about Morgado do Quintao and its motivations? What's the story? 

Morgado do Quintão is a family-owned vineyard estate founded in the early 1800s by the Count of Silves, and remained in the same family for generations. We have a deep connection to the land and heritage here - it's one of the region's oldest vineyards, working with red soil and indigenous grapes like Negra Mole and Crato Branco. Today, our commitment remains to organic and low-intervention winemaking practices and showcasing the unique terroir of the Algarve, and the creative culture surrounding it.


"We put together a culture festival called CAMP every 2 years and Open House which brings local food & music together and sponsor endeavors in the arts world, like Lisbon Design Week. "


Where does the affinity to art and design come from?

Our passions are broad and embodied in land, food, adventure, and entertaining, as well as a love for local heritage, beauty, and conservation. We explore art and design in our innovative approach to wine labeling and their support of the arts through an artist residency program which has welcomed 5 artists so far. This initiative is a tribute to the family's matriarch, Teresa Caldas de Vasconcellos, a visual artist and university professor, and aims to provide a creative space for artists to produce enduring works.


What cultural projects do you have currently running? 

We are actively involved in wine tourism - hosting experiences like wine tastings, a monthly supper club called A Mesa, winery tours and so on. We put together a culture festival named CAMP every 2 years - this year during 4-6 October - and OpenHouse, which brings local food & music together and sponsor endeavors in the arts world, like Lisbon Design Week. This approach not only showcases the estate's wines but also opens up the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the Algarve to visitors from around the world. 

You feature artists on your labels, why? How do you choose the artists for each harvest?

Yes, our labels range from minimalist designs, inspired by the Algarve's natural beauty - the vast ocean or the striped patterns of vine arrangements. We also pick work from our mother’s portfolio of art or from the relationships we’ve built with artists who stay in residence here—it becomes deeply meaningful and purposeful.


"The excitement around design in Portugal, likely stems from this blending of traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics - much like our own standpoint."


Three things you're excited to see during the 5 days of Lisbon Design Week?

We’re keen to visit the Loulé Criativo exhibition (at Depozito) & witness local algarve designers heading to Lisbon, namely Wesley Sacardi (at Novo Banco) whose work we know well and echos the narrative of authenticity and cultural richness that we cherish at Morgado do Quintão, and the Nossa Terra exhibition (at Arquivo Aires Mateus), a celebration of Portuguese material and local resources by Sam Baron.


How do you recommend people explore design outside of Lisbon, in the Algarve and South of Portugal?

Morgado do Quintão itself offers a unique starting point! Then, a notable program is Loulé’s Design Lab, which blends historical preservation with modern design sensibilities, coupled with the Algarve's stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, provides a comprehensive experience of Portuguese design in the beautiful south. We particularly love Vanessa Barragão, Madalena Telo and André Sancho and their beautiful, deeply inspired work.


Why have you chosen to support Lisbon Design Week?

The excitement around design in Portugal likely stems from this blending of traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics - much like our own standpoint - whether in the realm of winemaking, hospitality, or the visual arts. Supporting initiatives like the Lisbon Design Week aligns with our broader mission to promote Portuguese culture, heritage, and innovation, and it also engages Morgado do Quintão with its natural community: of creators, dreamers and makers.

We thank Morgado Do Quintão for their support in our program. Visit the Morgado Do Quintão site to explore more about their wine, stays and culture camp in October.