In Dialogue with Ana Lia Santos

This is a third part of our series with our advisory board, in which we get to know Portugal through the lens of design leaders. 

Ana, can you recommend three young creatives to watch in Portugal in 2024?

There are countless former b_a students (Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa) and their friends whose path I follow, sometimes here and sometimes abroad. Therefore choosing three of them is difficult, but since I have to do it, here is my selection of three wonderful designers:

Ana Relvão has a very special way of looking at what surrounds her and a very confident line of drawing. Pictured is Lounge Chair from Föppl Collection from her design studio RevlãoKellerman.

Constança Saraiva explores new roles for design in social and community art engagement projects. 

Silvia Matias, a graphic designer with an attitude of immense courage who uses design to affirm the reality and imagination of his generation.


What are you three favourite venues in terms of architecture and design in Lisbon?

Garagem Sul. It is next to my house. A centre for architecture in the Vittorio Gregotti's building that hosts the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) which has auditoriums, a museum, a garden, a bookstore and art stores.

The Municipal Galleries. They consist in 5 spaces of great architectural relevance: Pavilhão Branco, Galeria da Boavista, Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional, Galeria Quadrum and Galeria Avenida da India. They offer a diversified cultural program often experimental which also include design and architecture.

The Fine-Arts faculty in Chiado. The gallery showcases emerging talents and occupies several spaces in the convent de São Francisco, namely the large desactivated cistern dating from 1217.


Can you tell us what are your expectations for LDW2024?

An annual event in Lisbon that celebrates and raises awareness of design as a cultural agent, promotes diversity, experimentation, excellence and creativity as tools for innovation, i.e. positive change.


Ana Lia Santos is a Designer, Professor and Researcher at FBAUL / CIEBA. Serving as the Chief Designer at Deslink Design, she also established a new Design Laboratory in Restelo, Lisbon, named "ddlab", focusing on social and intervention design. Recently, she became a member of ADCE (Art Directors Club of Europe) and CCP (Clube da Criatividade de Portugal).