Where to Eat During Lisbon Design Week - with Lisbon Insiders Epicurian's guide to Lisbon


Stephanie Pons, founder of Lisbon Insiders on eating her way through Lisbon, and Portugal. For your own epicurian travels through Lisbon and Portugal, use Lisbon Insider's Maps; an indispensible curation of hidden gems across the country.


Describe your project, Lisbon Insiders, in three words.

Passionate, curated, independent

Tell us your perfect day in Lisbon from sunrise to sunset?

After a relaxing morning, I would slowly make our way to Ribeira market to get some fresh produce, fish, seafood and grab a bunch of flowers, stopping by Quiosque Sao Paulo for a coffee and one of their fabulous fried squid sandwiches. After that, we would hop into the van and head to the beach in Caparica for a walk and a swim with our dog followed by a lazy lunch at Restaurante Praia do Rei, a typical Portuguese beach restaurant with plastic chairs, feet in the sand and amazing grilled fish. Then we would make our way to Piscina for a sunset aperitif. In the evening, we would go to dinner at Da Noi with friends, a small gem hidden in one of my favorite neighborhoods: Madragoa, followed by a tasty cocktail at Bar Na Colina in São Bento.

What motivated the creation of the Insiders' Maps?

Over the past 3 years we established ourselves as the curated guide on where to eat, drink, sleep and wonder in Lisbon. We built an ever growing Instagram page, a powerful weekly newsletter and a useful website. In addition to that we also released in March the third edition of our Lisbon Insiders coffee table magazine, the perfect souvenir for any foodie and curious traveler you can find it in our stockists around the city. To close the loop and by popular demand, it only seemed logical to release our Insiders’ maps. It’s been on the books for a while and we finally got around to doing it. 

We recently launched the Insiders’ Maps: the ultimate maps for epicurean foodies. We have a Lisbon map with 250 of our favorite venues from  local tascas, to hidden rooftops and the latest openings. We also wanted to share our selection of favorite places around Portugal, so we’ve developed regional maps. 


‘In my eyes, there’s no better way to understand and live Portugal than to eat your way through it, and our maps allow you to do just that. You can thank us later!’


You describe Lisbon Insiders as the guide for epicurean foodies. What is an epicurean in your eyes?

Essentially, an epicurean is someone who approaches life with a sense of passion, curiosity, and appreciation for simple but refined things in life. An epicurean foodie is someone who not only appreciates good food but also seeks out experiences that engage all the senses, and is sensitive to aesthetics. They value quality and authenticity, over quantity and take an interest in the stories and traditions behind these experiences.



Behind every exceptional dish, there is a hero — a farmer, a fisherman, a chef, or a home cook. And behind the interior design — from tableware to decorative elements that convey the soul of a place — are designers, ceramists, and local artisans with outstanding skills.



Lisbon Insiders celebrates these unsung heroes, bringing their stories to the forefront. From small family-owned farms to local craftspeople, we really believe in shining a spotlight on those who dedicate their craft to help create memorable food experiences.
In partnership with Lisbon Design Week, we will be taking you behindthe scenes once more, to share with you where Designers Eat when they are not creating their magic. Keep an eye out on our website lisboninsiders.com for more information.