He captures the special essence of raw elegance through ceramics

Alan Louis was born in Brittany in 1992. An ex-officer of the Merchant Navy, he is self-taught. He began his artistic career by exhibiting his works centered around the wild animal. He has always been sensitive to the aesthetics of interiors, his taste for renovation and decoration developed and asserted itself. In the autumn 2021, he created his brand of handcrafted benches, vases, tables, candles, sconces and porcelain chandeliers between Lisbon, Paris and Brittany. 

Located on the heights of the Tagus River in Lisbon, the first project by the artist Alan Louis is a 1930 apartment in the Lapa district. He has renovated the place in the way of his work as an artist and offers a decoration rooted between modern, rough, and old. The apartment is color of light and organic shades providing a pure and relaxing atmosphere. A palette including white, ochre and gold to reveal the natural and draw the eye to each piece of furniture created by the designer. "L'appartement" will be open to visitors during LDW with pre-booking.

« There is what we see and what we don't see in an object. What it evokes, what it reminds us of. The secrets of a story that sway in each of us. Travelling for a few tiny seconds would be perfect. Images that come and go. A furtive and tasty whole, almost frustrating. We would like more of them, memories, thoughts, and old words written by people of the past. As long as it remains unique. » Alan Louis

Images courtesy of: Laurent Gravier


13:00 - 21:00

''L' Appartement" by Alan Louis. For visits, please book via WhatsApp message +33626542897 or email: rp@20ofmarch.com 

Closed on Wednesday

R. de São Félix 22 2a, 1200-838