This gallery in São Bento antique district is a true Wunderkammer 

Analora gallery hosts a fabulous variety of decorative objects that its owner, Anne-Laure Pilet, discovered and selected in Portugal, and beyond. The collection is like her life: off-the-cuff, elegantly building on her education and experiences, without going straight for a goal, but far from rudderless. You'll find decorative objects that turn a house into a home. “I represent artists, craftspeople and makers whose work I find inspiring: unique work steeped in local tradition and history, yet different and personal.” explains Anne-Laure.

The objects Anne-Laure selects are poetic, elegant and refined, and you will recognize authenticity, softness and friendliness in them. “They anoint the soul", likes to say Anne- Laure, whose ultimate ambition is to share her enthusiasm for Portugal through the makers she appreciates.

At Lisbon by Design, she presents work by Vanessa Barragao (tapestry). In her gallery, she will show work by Mathilde Sauce (ceramics) and Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa (ceramics).

Images courtesy of: Thierry Guerlain

11:00 - 19:00

New vases by Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa & ceramics exhibition by Mathilde Sauce

May 28 note slightly different opening hours 12:00 - 18:00 


Rua de São Bento 388, 1200-801