Developed by one of the most important Portuguese companies in wood products and derivatives

Banema, one of the most important Portuguese companies in wood products and derivatives, opened its first concept store, Banema Studio, in Lisbon in September 2020.

Located in Campo de Ourique, one of Lisbon’s most vibrant and emblematic neighborhoods. This venue also includes Banema Lab, an ideas laboratory that focuses on the origins of the brand founded in 1964.

Banema Studio presents design excellence through objects that combine formal balance with the finest materials in a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance that also manages to be inviting. This timeless selection of beautiful pieces can transform spaces and produce unique sensations. Banema Studio is a singular project in which the selection of each brand – some presented for the first time in Portugal – object, book, aroma, fabric, and artwork requires detailed curatorship and research. It involves a vision and awareness that constantly tracks new trends and the best products made in Portugal and around the world in the areas of accessories, art, design, fragrances, lighting, lifestyle, and furniture.

For Lisbon Design Week, Banema Studio has developed a creative project by inviting woodmaker Miguel Saboya to install a pop up carpentry workshop in the venue.

The public will be able to watch the maker Miguel Saboya creating a piece and by the end of the week, the piece will be on display at the shop. 

Miguel Saboya is a Lisbon-based, Brazilian designer employing traditional techniques of woodwork and joinery to produce contemporary pieces of furniture. He was first introduced to woodworking in Portugal’s prestigious Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation. There, he started to uncover the country’s rich tradition in craftsmanship incorporating this heritage, as well as influences from his native Brazil, into his work.

Miguel Saboya was part of LDW first edition.

Photos courtesy of Banema Studio

10:00 - 19:00

Pau-a-pau: Open workshop with Miguel Saboya
From raw material to design: Transforming wood
Brazilian designer Miguel Saboya founded his studio in Lisbon in 2018. It’s there that he produces all the pieces he imagines by hand, mixing traditional joinery techniques with design influences from his native country, honoring always his raw material: wood. It is wood that unites the two projects. Banema has been a benchmark in the distribution of wood products since 1986 and, since 2016, Banema Studio has been home to design pieces from all over the world. This year, on the occasion of Lisbon Design Week, it challenged designer Miguel Saboya to turn the shop in Campo de Ourique into a workshop. From 22-26 May, visiting the shop will mean visiting Miguel's studio and following the process of transforming wood from raw material to finished piece.

May 22
Open — 10:00-19:00 
Open workshop with Miguel Saboya — 16:00-18:00

May 23
Open — 10:00-19:00  
Open workshop with Miguel Saboya & Drinks(late opening): 15:00-21:00

May 24
Open — 13:00- 19:00 (please note different opening time)
Open workshop with Miguel Saboya — 16:00-18:00 

May 25
Open — 13:00- 19:00 (please note different opening time
Open workshop with Miguel Saboya — 15:00-19:00

May 26
Open — 10:00-13:00 (please note different opening time
Exhibition of the finished pieces & meet Miguel Saboya – 10:00-13:00 



R. Coelho da Rocha 27 C, 1250-087 Lisboa