A project founded by Antonio Lettieri – curator, scenographer, collector, and antique lover

The idea of creating a house with open doors to artists, collectors, art and design lovers, and merely inquisitives, was the trigger to where CABANAmad is now.

Cabanamad is a place for hosting an exchange between art and design. It is a project dedicated to different contemporary disciplines and new trends, in which experiences, skills, and people interface. CABANAmad has worked with national and international artists, designers, architects, bringing together different languages, techniques, and stages of career. Its philosophy is the conception of art as a relationship, a place for meeting, involvement, and action; a space with a transdisciplinary identity that aims to create relationships with the city and the surrounding area.

CABANAmad has both a virtual and a physical space that features collections of art, vintage, and contemporary design.

They present the following show:



Analyzing our times, we feel that the new generations increasingly need freedom of expression, not only at an artistic and social level, but also at home.

Let's think about everyday objects: until now they have been classified as objects, but we have never considered the problem of distinguishing them by "gender". The intent of this exhibition is to pay particular attention to this aspect and to make people reflect on the distinction of genders based on belonging to certain categories: is the chair feminine or masculine? And the table? Is Tolomeo female, male or non-gender? It's a lamp therefore a female category, but it's called Tolomeo....so was the designer involuntarily or deliberately a pioneer of no-gender? Of freedom?

Starting from this idea, we asked some designers to create works without classifying them by genre and without giving them a name sothat it is the visitor who decides how to distinguish them and how toname them, motivating the reasons for that specific choice.

A dialogue to reflect on the boundary between art and design whereeveryone can find a welcoming, sophisticated and unconventional cultural proposal.


15:30 - 19:30

Group show THEYsign

May 27
Please note different opening hours: 14:30 - 18:30

Sunday closed

Rua Da Misericordia 66 1dto, 1200-273