A project founded by Antonio Lettieri – curator, scenographer, collector, and antique lover

The idea of creating a house with open doors to artists, collectors, art and design lovers, and merely inquisitives, was the trigger to where CABANAmad is now.

Cabanamad is a place for hosting an exchange between art and design. It is a project dedicated to different contemporary disciplines and new trends, in which experiences, skills, and people interface. CABANAmad has worked with national and international artists, designers, architects, bringing together different languages, techniques, and stages of career. Its philosophy is the conception of art as a relationship, a place for meeting, involvement, and action; a space with a transdisciplinary identity that aims to create relationships with the city and the surrounding area.

CABANAmad has both a virtual and a physical space that features collections of art, vintage, and contemporary design.

They present the following show: CALEIDOSCÓPIO 

In the heart of artistic evolution and progressive design, contemporary collecting emerges as a captivating journey between bold artistic expression and aesthetic functionality. The fusion of contemporary art and innovative design creates a unique, fascinating, and ever-evolving dialogue.

Contemporary art, with its diversity of mediums, concepts, and styles, unfolds as a vibrant canvas capturing the essence of the present era. Artworks explore social themes, identity, and technology, challenging conventions and provoking profound reflections.

In the world of design, fluid forms blend with functionality, giving life to iconic pieces that defy the definition of "art object" or "design product." Attention to sustainability and innovation in material choices converges with limitless aesthetic exploration.

Artists and designers draw inspiration from each other, creating a visual dialogue that transcends disciplinary boundaries. The exhibited works tell stories of intertwined influences, where design feeds on artistic expressiveness, and art finds new forms through functionality. The distinction between art and design can vary depending on the observer's interpretation. What might be considered artwork by one individual could be seen as design by another. The distinction between contemporary art and design often dissolves when works are placed and interpreted in specific contexts.

This interconnection and flexibility promote creativity and innovation, challenging conventions and contributing to defining the evolution of contemporary visual expressions. In this exhibition, journey through the synergies between art and design, immersing yourself in a world of shared inspirations, material contaminations, and richly meaningful stories. These are two worlds in constant evolution, embracing each other in an attire of endless creativity.

Images courtesy of CABANAmad


15:30 - 19:30


May 25
Closing party, by invitation only 19:30 - 21:30

Please note the gallery is closed on Sunday 

Rua Da Misericordia 66 1dto, 1200-273