30 Years 30 Projects


The 30th anniversary of interior designer Lígia Casanova's studio is an opportunity to reflect on her career and confirm her success, with many projects developed in Portugal and abroad and several international awards won and publications in renowned titles. To mark this significant moment, Lígia Casanova decided to create a special collection: "30 Years 30 Projects". The collection encapsulates the essence of the atelier, combining traditional techniques with a contemporary vision, based on a partnership with some of whom the Atelier has collaborated over the last few years. This initiative will be launched, and seen for the first time during Lisbon Design Week.

About Lígia Casanova (30 Years, 30 Projects and several pieces)

Lígia Casanova graduated in Design in 1989. After a postgraduate qualification in Graphic Design, she worked for advertising and design agencies such as Abrinício in Lisbon and Wolf Ollins in London. In 1997, the desire to see his work play a more important role in people's lives led him to take up interior design.

"Make spaces to make room for happiness" is her motto. A maxim she applies to any concept, whether it's for residential or public spaces.


14:00 - 19:00

Exhibition: Celebrating 30 years of Atelier Lígia Casanova with some pieces made by their Portuguese Artisans

May 22

19:00 - 21:00: Late opening / cocktail

Rua das Praças, 82 B
1200-768 Lisboa Portugal