Sebastian Filgueiras shares his knowledge and passion for tea in a uniquely decorated shop

Housed in an old shoe store from 1880, still preserved today with its movements of original pieces, the Companhia Portugueza do Chá -Portuguese Tea Company- breathes a calm atmosphere, looking for something beautiful, something mystical, almost like a journey within ourselves, our senses, our own memory

The creative character behind this beautifully decorated venue is tea sommelier Sebastian Filgueiras. A local resident from Argentinian origin, Sebastian moved to Portugal more than 22 years ago. Before that, he lived in Paris and was already a frequent visitor of Lisbon. He had this great creative idea of finding a venue with history and soul where he could celebrate and share his knowledge and love for tea.

In love with Lisbon, Sebastian Filgueiras, has created several teas dedicated to the capital. Those teas can be found in his shop, online as well as in many other venues within the city. It is in the same spirit that he created a tea specially for Lisbon Design Week which will be available at the shop.

His windows will display objects made by our two participants Miguel Saboya and Anna Demidova [link to their pages].

Images courtesy of: Charlotte Valade




10:00 - 19:00

Special window display featuring work by Miguel Saboya & Anna Demidova and an LDW tea specially created by tea sommelier Sebastian Filgueiras

May 24
Special presentation by Sebastian Filgueiras, Sommelier of Cha 16:00

Please note that the shop is closed on Sunday

105, rua do poço dos negros, 1200-337