Hosting Maria Pratas, an artist exploring textile territories 

CUPRA City Garage

The CUPRA City Garage Lisboa is a design place where visitors can do much more than discover and try out the CUPRA models. An immersive experience in the sophistication and sportiness of the CUPRA, combined with a calendar that features various events such as talks, concerts, exhibitions etc...

Maria Pratas

As a textile sculptor, Maria Pratas, uncovered a newfound dimension in her craft driven by her degree in a visual education's and its two-dimensionality emphasis. With dedication to crafting expansive textile sculptures, her creative odysseys take her to diverse destinations, collecting objects and memories as wellsprings of inspiration.

The presence of the “VIAGEM” exhibition on the Lisbon Design Week map highlights its contribution to the celebration of design, by presenting a collection of objects with details collected in a route led through textile territories.

Drawing from the wisdom of ancient craftsmen, Maria skillfully merges diverse raw materials into narrative-rich objects. Undeterred by the constraints of time, she meticulously sculpts thread by thread, keeping textile fibers within constant reach.

In her atelier, immersed in the textile realm, Maria discovers comfort as she orchestrates the complete creative process. Enthusiastically embracing eclectic artistic environments, she envisions her creations springing to life in distinctive, transformative spaces that honor both functionality and artistic expression.

Images courtesy of: Mariana Alvarez


10:00 - 19:00

May 23
19.30 - 23.00 Maria Pratas Exhibition Opening | Lisbon Design Week

May 25
16.30 - 19.00 Maria Pratas Guided Tour | Lisbon Design Week

CUPRA City Garage
R. Áurea 64, 1100-063 Lisboa