Their solar-powered atelier near Porto specialises in exquisite solid wood craft and masterful upholstery

De La Espada's furniture combines the expertise of their craftspeople and product engineers with the creative vision of some of the world’s best international designers including Anthony Guerrée, Luca Nichetto, Neri&Hu, Ilse Crawford and Manuel Aires Mateus. 

In addition to working with design partners, they also design in-house with their studio De La Espada Atelier, which distils the expertise in design, craft and retail that De La Espada has gained over more than 25 years into furniture that is quiet and intricately detailed, functional and versatile, luxuriously tactile, and at once international and rooted in Portugal. 

The De La Espada product range reflects the diversity of the collaborators as well as a unifying approach to materiality, craft, functionality, and longevity. From the designer to the craftsperson, there is pride in work well done, in rising to challenges and getting every detail right. De La Espada products are built to last and created with care; they are imbued with warmth and meaning brought by the hands that bear them.

De La Espada is Lisbon Design Week's main sponsor and its managing director, Luis De Oliveira, a great supporter of this new initiative in the city of Lisbon.

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Images courtesy of: De La Espada, Sanda Vuckovic and OJO Gallery

10:30 - 18:00

De La Espada will be exhibiting at OJO Gallery, a Lisbon art gallery with a focus on contemporary art made using ancient techniques. A new cabinet system by De La Espada Atelier, which fuses the skills of artists and craftsmen from various disciplines, will be presented in dialogue with a selection of artworks in different media, specially created for the exhibition by French artist Victor Marqué (based in Porto) under the curation of Marie de Carvalho, owner of OJO gallery.

22-23 May
10:30 - 12.00 and 14:30 - 18.00

24 May
10:30- 12.00  and 14:30 - 17.00

25 & 26 May

By apointment - please write to to book


OJO Gallery:
R. de São Bernardo 9a-9b, 1200-823 Lisboa