From modern design to Roman archeology, each object selected by the gallery is the result of a fine line of passion

Galeria Bessa Pereira is a 10-year-old gallery located in the heart of Lisbon, at Rua de São Bento. Initially born with a focus on Portuguese design, through the years the gallery adopted a more eclectic perspective, including not only Design but Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, and objects of Archaeological interest as well.

The collection of the gallery has expanded according to its founder's passion for collecting: Carlos Bessa Pereira, in fact, sees no boundaries in creating a collection. Each piece in the gallery can dialogue with the others; what interests the most is the new relations the different pieces can create between them.

Not only do the gallery's layouts reflect this spirit, but its agenda also offers many options: every year, the gallery hosts Contemporary Arts exhibitions and participates in different fairs and events.

Ultimately, a very important step was taken last year. In October, the Gallery went international, opening its first space outside Portugal. With the Contemporary Art show "La Teoria dell’Evoluzione," featuring Portuguese artist João Louro and curated by Mario Codognato, Bessa Pereira Gallery opened its doors in the city of Milan (Italy), becoming the first Portuguese gallery to start a project like this, exclusively dedicated to Contemporary Art.

Design Installation, showing pieces of Italian designer Andrea Salvetti.


10:00 - 19:00

Design Installation, showing pieces of Italian designer Andrea Salvetti

22 May
18.00 - 21.00 / Opening cocktail

Please note that the gallery is closed for lunch between 13.00 and 14.30 and the gallery is closed on Sunday

Rua de São Bento 426, 1200-822 Lisboa