An urban oasis in the heart of the city

Nature inspires us. Art connects us. At the center are people. Connections and surprises. Experiences that can never be repeated, because they are always woven into the here and now. At table, in a yoga class, in a luminous conversation, to the sound of good music, a community is formed. We are the natural habitat of exceptional travelers.

The hotel has a permanent collection of art and design pieces including work by Aka Corleone, Alexandra Moura, André da Loba, Clemens Behr, A Editorialista, Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Pastel, Pedrita, Sara Montes, Vanessa Barragao, Teresa Esgaio, Wasted Rita, Michael Hellgren.

10:00 - 20:00

Underdogs artists private collection

May 24
12:00 A guided tour of the tiles with the artist Maria Ana Vasco Costa
May 25
16.00 Presentation of the Underdog Collection with Guest Relations


Travessa da Glória n.22, 1250-118