The largest faculty at Universidade Europeia, one of the most important private universities in Portugal

We're proud to have around 2,500 students and 200 teaching staff in our community, making us a diverse and vibrant institution. Our range of programs is extensive, with ten undergraduate and nine graduate programs, including two PhDs.

Since our founding in 1969 and joining Universidade Europeia in 2015, we've been one of the pioneers in design education in Portugal. In fact, we're happy to say that in 2012, we launched one of the first PhD programs in design in the country. While design courses make up about 40% of our student enrollment, we've expanded our offerings to include marketing, communication, and technology courses.

We're particularly excited about our undergraduate program in game development and creative technologies, which is a hybrid program combining creative programming and digital design. Until recently, we were the first institution in Portugal to offer this type of program. We're also proud to offer the first PhD in Game Development in the Iberian Peninsula


May 25 – Showcase of our Design Masters’ best projects (ground level IADE's lounge)

May 26 – 11:00: Open doors – Visit IADE’s Labs with Fábrica-IADE coordinator
(limited vacancies. Subject to registration by email to

May 27 & 28: Silkscreen Workshop* 

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Living memory of Lisbon

This is a workshop on creative reflection and graphic creation centered on the collective memory of billboards and neon signs advertisements in Lisbon. The goal of this workshop is to explore and reinterpret the graphic and typographic elements of original pieces of advertisements and neon signs. These pieces were collected through a partnership with studio Letreiro Galeria, by Rita Múrias and Paulo Barata, and will be exhibited for this purpose in the Fábrica space at IADE. The elements and visual stimuli of these pieces will be transposed to the graphic universe of silkscreen.

The approach in this workshop is to think and create in an analog mode, overlapping elements and graphic layers of colors in an experimental way. Participants will develop compositions in a poster language, reflecting the dynamics of collective creation. The starting point for these compositions is the collective memory provided by the pieces themselves, which are an example of the history of Portuguese graphic design in the 20th century.

2 days (10 h) | Limited space subject to prior registration by email

*Required materials

Paper of different colors and textures with more than 180 gsm | Size 50x65 or 50x70 cm


Showcase of our Design Masters’ best projects (ground level IADE's lounge)
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Please note that it is closed on Wednesday 24 May, 2023

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