A meeting place for talented artists curated by Maria Manuel Lacerda

Founded in 2016, ICON serves as a meeting place for talented artists and those who value their work. A carefully curated selection of over 60 artists, by Maria Manuel Lacerda, ensures a constantly evolving and immersive experience for visitors.

In late 2022, ICON expanded, adding a space for exhibitions, further enhancing its commitment to promoting Portuguese artists. The curator meticulously selects modern craftsmen, establishing close connections with artisans to nurture meaningful relationships with both them and their craft. There is a deep understanding of the origin of each object, demonstrating an appreciation for handcrafted and exceptional objects.

During Lisbon Design Week, in the Gallery space ICON will have an installation of the new collection Poesia by Bárbara Osório Fabrics (BO) combining ceramic shapes that were specially designed for this event inspired by the new BO patterns. 

Across the street in the Shop, ICON invites the artists Miguel Neto, ceramic and Ricardo Jerónimo (Rival), woodwork, to create a collective exhibition of large scale pieces that communicate with the texture of the linen fabrics of BO.

Bárbara Osório Fabrics is a Portuguese textile brand for interior designers who prefer natural fibres, such as linen, cotton and wool, unique patterns and boldness in the use of colours. 

They offer a unique and creative way of working with fabrics combining patterns and creating unexpected yet accurate choices. They believe fabrics are a central piece in a project as they can tell a story, a unique environment and provide comfort. 

In this edition of Lisbon Design week they will present their new collection Poesia, in an artistic intervention hosted by Icon Gallery that invited an artist to re-interpret our fabric patterns in a new material, ceramics. 


Images courtesy of Bárbara Osório Fabrics and Rival


11:00 - 19:00

Shop: Collective exhibition featuring the artists Miguel Neto, ceramic and Ricardo Jerónimo (Rival), woodwork

Gallery: Installation of the new collection Poesia by Bárbara Osório Fabrics

24 May
19.00 - 21.00 Late opening and talk with the artists

Rua Nova da Trindade 6 B / 5E, 1200-303 Lisboa