A tribute to creativity, sustainability and innovation

Orchestrated by famous Belgian designer Lionel Jadot, this hotel stands out for its bold renovation of an office building, also known as Doca de Santos, providing a space where eclectic art, craftsmanship, and design blend in a recycling-focused approach. This innovative project also stands as the region's first passive hotel, showcasing JAM Hotels' commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

As one wanders through the corridors of the Jam Hotel, we discover the fruits of a fruitful collaboration between renowned artists and designers. Mircea Anghel, with Cabana Studio, transformed burned eucalyptus wood planks into modular bunk beds, offering a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and functional modernity. Each bed thus tells the story of transformation, from past to present, with its irregularities and historical marks.

At every corner of the hotel, unique pieces capture attention. Flowco's ecological tile headboards, made from recycled shoe soles, tell a story of sustainability and creativity, while Ivan Daniel Cova's molded concrete chairs in the lobby seem frozen in time, their organic shapes evoking a deep connection with nature alongside the organic colors and shapes of Ylana Yaari's mural.

Pieter Van Bruysse, from the Grond studio, infused authenticity with his signature tiles, blending lime plaster, cork waste, and terracotta clays.

At the top of the hotel, the Cabana bar-lounge stands as an urban oasis, overlooking Lisbon's bustling cityscape. Bordered by hand-painted tiles by Bela Silva, the elongated pool appears as a sparkling jewel amidst industrial architecture. Omarcity and Mon Colonel Spit add their artistic touch with woven plastic furniture and ceramic sculptures, creating a relaxing space where art and design meet in perfect harmony.

Each element of the Jam Hotel Lisbon is the result of an inspiring collaboration between creative minds, uniting tradition and modernity, sustainability, and aesthetics. As the conductor of this project, Lionel Jadot embodies Jam's vision as a welcoming place for creators, where innovation and collaboration are celebrated at every turn.

Artists and designers who contributed to the creation of the JAM Hotel: Lionel Jadot, Cabana Studio/Mircea Anghel, Open Structure, Grond Studio, Bela Silva, Ivan Daniel, Rikkert Paauw, Omarcity and Tucurinca, Alexander Mignot, Mon Colonel Spit, Emmanuel Babled, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Ylana Yaari.

About the exhibition " Wandering Threads" with Emma Cogné and Alice Pandolfo 

The exhibition "Wandering Threads," featuring the works of Emma Cogné and Alice Pandolfo in the backyard of JAM Lisbon, offers a captivating experience that blends creativity with the urban environment. Emma Cogné, a French artist and designer based in Brussels, explores the revaluation of used materials and craft techniques in her artistic practice. Her creations, exposing the essential structures and layers of our homes, reveal the unique aspects of matter and color while exploring human intimacy needs. Her recent collaborations with the Zerm architecture association demonstrate her commitment to urban and contextual challenges while maintaining a constant dialogue between craftsmanship, art, and architecture. Similarly, Alice Pandolfo, originally from France and also residing in Brussels, uses the city as a playground and source of inspiration. Her in-situ installations skillfully combine textile practice and sculpture, reviving the memories of the territories she explores through the reuse of broken, forgotten, or obsolete objects. Her attachment to artisanal craftsmanship and fascination with manufactured objects shine through in her sculptures, which question the interstices between time and space.

The exhibition is a compelling testament to both artists' ability to transcend boundaries between art, design, and architecture while offering viewers a stimulating reflection on sustainability, urban identity, and collective memory. By presenting their works in the outdoor environment of JAM Lisbon, Cogné and Pandolfo create an immersive experience where visitors are invited to explore the complex links between artistic creation and the very fabric of the city.

Images courtesy of: Mireille Roobaert, Pierre de Greef, Zoe Vdb, Adrien de Hemptinne, Seal Ceada and Benoit Jacquemin


09:00 - 23:00

Visit of Hotel art & design collection

Exhibition: Wandering Threads
Artists : Emma Cogné and Alice Pandolfo

May 25
16:00 - 22:00 Closing party with MUSA: Music and drinks


Av. 24 de Julho 80, 1200-870 Lisboa