Thread by thread, he builds his own story. 

"For me, the artistic process is a form of discovery, of self-awareness, of revealing what our own existence is. Each piece I create is, therefore, a journey - an internal journey that runs through my experiences and manifests itself in different shapes and colors."

It can start with a path previously traced that can be revealed through a drawing or, as most of the time, it is an act of pure creation, an improvisation where the hands become the vehicle for something that only the mind can achieve to view.

"Geometry, nature, life itself, are what drive me as an artist. Whether through straight lines or more organic shapes, the end result always reveals my own aesthetic and language."

João Bruno is exhibiting at DOMO.

Images courtesy of: João Bruno



10:00 - 19:00

Special collaboration / exhibition at DOMO with new pieces / scenography 

22 May - 25 May
10:00 - 19:00 Special exhibition by Portuguese textile artist JOÃO BRUNO

24 May
Late opening drinks (by invitation only)

Please note the shop wil be closed on Sunday 

At Domo:
Largo de Santos, 1, Loja F-J, 1200-808 Lisboa