A residency for Portuguese and international artists as well as curators

La Junqueira Artists Residency is located in Belem in the west of Lisbon along the Tagus River. It is an artist residency, a place for production, dissemination and promotion of art.

La Junqueira aims to promote artistic expression through the immersion of Portuguese and international artists in the (re)discovery and enhancement of the city of Lisbon in all its aspects: cultural, architectural, historical, sociological.

The Residency is also open to curators wishing to stay in Lisbon for their research and productions related to the city.

La Junqueira is a unique place where residents have space and time to fully devote themselves to their artistic creations. Each resident can freely develop his or her experimentations and professional network in an open context of communication and exchange. Stéphane Mulliez is the founder. She is a visual artist and a collector, For Lisbon by Design 2023 she is working on a project of wall ceramics and house necklaces. 

At the same time she is opening the door of her beautiful venue to present the work of her artist in residence.

Images courtesy of: Stéphane Mulliez

12:00 - 19:00

Glasswork by Marion Flament (artist in residence)

May 27
Guided visit with Marion Flament 16:00 - 18:00

Rua da junqueira, 286, 1300 340