Lachoix is a brand that offers elegant, yet comfortable footwear that integrates effortlessly into a contemporary woman’s wardrobe

Founded in 2018 by Fátima Carvalho and based in Lisbon, all products are proudly manufactured and designed in Portugal. 

LACHOIX STUDIO was created to be a place where we can work on new collections but also be with our clients making them feel part of our creative process and offering them a list of lifestyle brands and artists that they can also relate to and feel inspired by.

With this space we intend to allow women to feel elegant and sophisticated in an easy and inspiring way, offering items that can be adapted to their busy everyday lives but also invite them to know new artists and designers, providing various types of workshops and events.

The space has 125 square meters and natural light. It is located in the heart of Lisbon in the eclectic neighborhood of Principe Real - an upscale area known for its concept stores, local designer showcases, small art galleries and fashionable shops.

During Lisbon Design Week, Lachoix will host a ceramic exhibition and installation by Geraldine Pillot

Géraldine Pillot

Géraldine Pillot is a painter, photographer and ceramicist. She was born in France and currently lives in Portugal, near Lisbon. Her current work, in all media, is inspired by the constant interaction between tension and balance, between light and contrast, strength and delicacy. After a decade of working on colors and lines, sculpting clay, she brings back the power and poetry of nature in her sculptures, leaving a perceptible impression.
She studied at L’Académie de la Grande Chaumière and l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
In recent years, she has exhibited between the United States and Paris.

Since 2017, her work has been included in permanent exhibitions in Geneva and exhibited at art fairs in the United States during Miami Art Week, Art Palm Beach and Art New York. Her artworks are currently on display at the Saphira & Ventura gallery in New York.

Géraldine ́s sculptures are inspired by an encounter.
Encounter between the strength of the raw material and the delicacy of nature.
Encounter between the raw clay carved by the force of the bark, so powerful and so intense.
The raw material is molded in the bark of the cork and transported, imprinting the sap of life in its works. Organic sculptures, meeting between the softness of the touch, the delicacy of the lines, delicate pieces, as a sensitive balance between power and finesse. She transmits in porcelain the poetry of softness and lightness.
The roundness of the pebbles shaped by the force of the waves, sensual, round, enveloping shapes, form a maternal setting for her sculptures. The strength of the sandstone, the refinement of the porcelain, Géraldine ́s sculptures are born of this intensity.

Images courtesy of: LACHOIX & Geraldine Pillot

10:00 - 19:30

A ceramic exhibition and installation by Géraldine Pillot

May 24
19.00 - 21.00 Presentation by the artist with cocktail

The shop is open from 11.30 on Saturday and is closed on Sunday

Pátio do Tijolo, 1250-096