Hosting Lisbon’s buzzing creative and tech scene 

LACS is a place opened to society and dedicated to the business & creative industries. LACS was born from the idea of creating a unique ecosystem of creators, innovators, and game changers in Portugal, fostering connection, synergies, and innovation in the same place.

We offer flexible workspaces and experiences that deliver innovative forms of working, whilst helping individuals and companies to connect, learn, share, create and grow. Is a place where our members can find a healthy work-life balance to increase productivity and enhance creativity.

At LACS we aim to address the ever-changing ways of working and living in today’s society, helping our members reach higher levels of innovation and competitiveness through culture and art.

Rita Kroh is curating an exhibition of pieces by the following artists that will be shown in the entrance of LACS; Ana Castanho, Azure, Brand, Bzugo, Clara Rego, Cristina Fonseca, Eneida Tavares, Fica Oficina Criativa, Gafe, hOmem, Jorge Carreira, Kroh, LJ cerâmica, Luumi, Malga ceramics, Margarida Valente, Maria Pratas, Mónica Thudichum, Pareidolia, Sofia Águas, SOSO, Studio Eeme, Ursula Cerâmica, Vago &Vânia Reichartz

Images courtesy of: Diogo de Oliveira Rosa, SOLOS

09:00 - 18:00

Group show of works by Portugese designers and artisans curated by Rita Kroh



Avenida 24 de Julho 98, 1200 – 870 Lisboa