The place for wooden cutting and serving boards

Loja das Tábuas provides everyday utility items with a personal touch for the home and kitchen, with a customizable identity respecting traditions while reinventing them.

In addition to a wide range of wood types and formats of cutting and serving boards, they customize each board, making it unique and special.

They will be showcasing their collaboration with Matter, a company whose vision is to reshape the narrative around waste.

Matter has a two-fold mission: to replace virgin resources with innovative and sustainable alternatives made with the discards from producing coffee, chocolate, wine or beer. They also aim to educate consumers about these sustainable practices. 

CASTA, meaning “grape variety” in Portuguese is the material crafted from grape stalks, a frequently overlooked byproduct of winemaking. CASTA embraces the natural color variations and textures of grape stalks, creating a beautiful and sustainable material that celebrates the art of winemaking. It won the Surface of the Year Interior award at the Surface Design Awards 2024.

While Matter has primarily focused on business-to-business partnerships, they are excited to launch their product line in 2024.

At Loja das Tábuas you´ll find serving boards and other items made with this unique wine stalk material.


11:00 - 20:00

Collection of wooden cutting and serving boards
Special Collaboration with Matter
Customization for LDW visitors

25 May
19.00 - 21:00  Special event with Port Wine and introduction of the origin of the products

Please note that the store is closed between 14.00 and 15.00 and the store is closed on Sundays




Largo da Trindade 15, 1200-466