Five participating makers: Apewood, KRUS, Sebastião Lobo and Janvier Plants (by Claire)

Manual creation, innovation and utility are the three key words that  characterize Maria16, a workshop of artists from different disciplines.

400m2 allow the production of a versatile and dynamic ecosystem, which materializes the dialogue of art with the outside world. Carpentry and photography studios are some of the areas explored but there is space for exhibitions, workshops, events and partnerships. 


Apewood located in the collective atelier Maria Dezasseisse was founded in 2016 by João Maria Bernardino. 

João Maria is a designer who has always expressed an interest in creating furniture, with an initial focus on wood, seeking to keep the artisan spirit alive, using the past and present as pillars for the future. 

Finding the lines of the aesthetics of modern furniture is the focus of Apewood. Creating pieces that seek to be simple, modern and clean. These are characterized by the ability to adapt to the reality of their customers taking into account the raw material, technique and versatility as relevant factors, always resulting in unique pieces by the author. Preference is given to local raw materials, such as wood, metal, stone and whatever he can get his hands on. Thus, new concepts and projects arise from this constant search that also leads to the constant growth of the creator.


Part of the collective atelier Maria Dezasseisse, Sofia Cruz (aka KRUS) is a Portuguese multi-disciplinary artist passionate about the creation of objects, paintings and murals. 

Krus applies painting to different materials and surfaces. 

Creation is the release of emotion and the celebration of color is the way to transmit sensations to the people and suggest new environments. What is common in all her work is how she is deeply influenced by all the elements that exist in nature and are part of her creative universe.

Sebastião Lobo

Born in 1993, Sebastião Lobo is a rising jeweler and artist working in Lisbon. He is a member of the collective atelier Maria Dezasseisse,

After graduating from the António Arroio art school, Sebastião soon opened his first jewelry studio, beginning an already vast artistic journey which evolved into finer arts like sculpture, visual arts, and scenography. He has collaborated with Studio Astofli in the highly coveted Hermés' shop window and the décor for the Pau Brasil concept shop and has conceived a shop window display for Mercedes-Benz, showing an oeuvre always open to dialogue.

This openness, mixed with the rigor of the artist's vision, allows Sebastião's work to be presented in award winning jewelry shows, individual shows at independent arts galleries as well as projects for institutions. He created two sculptures and designed the trophy for Deloitte's award shows, made the design and scenography for Ginásio Clube Português' annual show, designed utilitarian and decorative pieces for Plano restaurant and the IVENS Hotel in Lisbon, created a sculpture in the middle of a beach for Yamba, in Costa da Caparica, created a sophisticated reinvented menorah for the website L'Objet among many other institutional works.

Janvier Studio

Janvier is a landscape design studio.

Driven by the love for botany, design, art and the link it creates between us and the space we inhabit, Janvier expresses itself through a connection with nature in a contemporary environment. We see every project as an opportunity to contribute positively and generously to our client's way of life. Because we believe plants provide structure and character to our spaces and to our lives.


12:00 - 18:00

Open studio & group show

May 26
Cocktail with DJ THEIC (Camilo Nunez artist resident), Old school green wine (Mau Vinho), beer, Bouchon by Kendrick from 17.00 - 20.00

Please note different opening hours on Sunday: 12.00 - 16.00

Rua Maria Pia, 16, 1350-208