Every piece of furniture is produced by hand

Miguel Saboya is a Lisbon-based, Brazilian designer employing traditional techniques of woodwork and joinery to produce contemporary pieces of furniture. He was first introduced to woodworking in Portugal’s prestigious Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation. There, he started to uncover the country’s rich tradition in craftsmanship incorporating this heritage, as well as influences from his native Brazil, into his work.

In 2018, Miguel founded his eponymous atelier in Lisbon where he produces every piece by hand, making sure to honour his prime material, wood, by creating timeless pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. His designs often take inspiration from everyday objects; forms which have become intimate to our eyes gain a new life when reinterpreted in noble materials. Miguel works under commission for private and commercial clients.

Images courtesy of: Kate Villevoye & Jody Daunton