Firmly entrenched in honest, simple and predominantly timeless design

The pieces are created and produced to last for generations to come — as if they were a family heirloom. All materials are premium, and everything is made in Portugal. 

The furniture, lighting and home accessories are highly inspired by the unpretentious configuration of Lisbon. MOR “is a Portuguese brand taking inspiration from its own country and the ancestral craftmanship culture and joie de vivre,” says Pedro Sottomayor, Creative Director and one of the founders.

Though proudly Portuguese, MOR takes on a global stance mainly enriched by the collaborations it upholds with international designers who, together with MOR, unravel a cultural dialogue that generates objects that are both functional and inspiring.

Images courtesy of: MOR Design

10:00 - 18:00

Brand presentation and product launch

May 26
Christian Haas launch of DUO vases

LX Factory - Rua Rodrigues Faria 103 Loja 0.06A - 1300-501