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Oficina Marques    

Led by the creative duo Gezo Marques and José Aparício Gonçalves since May 2018, their work is based on the motto 'Tusa de Viver', an optimistic vision of the world that not only reflects the artists' way of being but is also a common denominator in all their artworks - "a reflection of art that infiltrates everyday life."

Unique colors and patterns combined with the geometry and organic lines and forms give life to Art and Objects that can take the form of wooden panels, author ceramics, wooden sculptures, and object assemblages. The starting point can come from various objects selected by the creators or from neutral raw materials, which are transformed through the duo's singular creative process that is based on the exercise of seeing the potential.

With a focus on manual craftsmanship (highlighted in the brand's name), they position themselves through the appreciation of the emotional, mental, and physical production that occurs while creating for others. Located at 71 Rua Luz Soriano in Lisbon, their space functions as a workshop, store, and gallery, open to the public, and serves as a meeting place for thoughts, ideas, and dialogues. Custom and exclusive works are also part of Oficina's current operations, as they are able to immortalize special moments through objects and artworks that always embody the "Tusa de viver."

In this sharing, Gezo and José revolve around organized dialogues within five central themes: Sea, Wilderness of land, Body, Faith, and Lisboa. These themes encapsulate an appreciation for the instability of nature, the recognition of physical presence, belief in  he better, and a revisited sense of Portuguese identity, all wrapped in a breath of sunshine that reminds us of the joy of living. Oficina Marques embodies the essence of Art as a mediator of emotions.

For Lisbon Design Week 2024, Oficina Marques has invited Andringa Studio to join forces to develop a joint project.

Andringa Studio

Resulting from the desire to create a multidisciplinary studio that brings into dialogue the fields of interior design, architecture and landscape design, Andringa Studio radiates creativity from skilfully delineated and structured foundations.

Rita Andringa gives name and substance to this studio founded in 2019. Behind it takes more than two decades of manifesting interiors and working them – a vocation developed in studios, and hand in hand with some of the most recognized names in the area, Vera Iachia having been her outstanding mentor.

The “Comporta Style” runs in her veins.

‘Beauty will save us.’ This is the motto of Andringa Studio. “I am a kind of guardian of spaces, of beauty, of proportion,” says Rita Andringa. Andringa Studio creates places interpreting lives so that those who inhabit them align Being with Being. A space where integration and purpose reign – a rule that branches out to a hotel room, a restaurant, and even an office. In this studio, Rita Andringa is the gravitational force in a constellation of ten elements.

In the words of Filipe Rocha, her right arm: “I tend to characterize Rita as a conductor of an orchestra of very talented musicians, which is basically what the Andringa Studio is at the moment. Without crystallized scores, the Andringa Studio team is guided by Rita’s worldview, giving life to spaces that are sometimes ethereal, sometimes maximalist, sometimes minimalist."

Oficina Marques and Andringa Studio have invited:

Bosque Concepts

BOSQUE, established since 2018 by Gustavo Camacho and Tiago Bettencourt, was born from the passion for telling stories with flowers. With a focus on Floral Design, Styling and Creative Direction for Events, Corporate Projects and Weddings, they are currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, but it was in their homeland, Madeira Island, that they learned to deal with the apparent fragility of flowers and their ephemeral seasons. With a special appreciation for the complexity and beauty of minimalism, they are passionate about the elegance of simple and balanced natural compositions. For this reason, his work is influenced by the essence and spontaneity of Ikebana, which allows a path of creativity, sensitivity and connection with Nature. Eager to push boundaries, they create new Concepts based on sustainability and the timelessness of their designs.

Images courtesy of: Inês Pinhão/Oficina Marques

10:30 - 18:30

Oficina Marques & Andringa Studio present (together with BOSQUE Concepts) Bucólica' an immersive exhibition.

The concept for this new collection was born out of a dialogue between Oficina Marques and Andringa Studio, run by interior designer Rita Andringa. The gallery will be transformed into a sensory experience highlighting the intersection between product design and environmental design, providing visitors with a unique, immersive experience. The collection explores the idea of bucolic beauty in the realm of nature in all its essence, as in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

May 25
15.00 - 19.00 Party at the studio

Saturday opening hours, open 15.00 - 19.00 

R. Luz Soriano 71, 1200-246 Lisboa