In an iconic 18th-century aristocratic palace

Built in 1781 and considered a national treasure, it distinguishes itself both by the imposing architecture and art, as well as by the stories it has to tell. It was a meeting point for aristocrats and bon vivants who gathered at lavish banquets and enjoyed unique works of art. From Count Farrobo and “Farrobódó” to General Junot, who settled in the Palace during the French invasions and lived “Living large like the French”, these two expressions were born from the history of this Palace.

The atmosphere preserves the charm its age with a contemporary unceremonious twist. With 5 centuries-old rooms, a huge staircase and 2 bars, the classic is preserved in all its architecture, in the painted murals, stained glass windows and fresco ceilings that not only tell plenty of stories, but also serve as the background for a truly authentic experience.

The art extends to the table in the restaurant on the first floor, the art extends to the kitchen, an ode to Portuguese and international gastronomy. The generous wine offering, signature cocktails and desserts help make the experience an exceptional feast. But gastronomy and art are not the only offerings: The bar SALLA, located on the ground floor, is one of the most coveted dancefloors in the city, where the signature cocktails mix with the musical scene in charge of resident DJs. A must-see for a true Lisbon bohemian experience.

Images courtesy of: Interiors (Francisco Nogueira @francisconogueira) and Cocktails (Luis Ferraz @luisferrazphotowork)

10:00 - 22:00

Exhibition of some ceramic pieces by Ju Reino da Costa.
Cocktail Lisbon Design Week (14 euros)
Special Menu Lisbon Design Week (see carousel)

22 - 26 May
10.00 - 12.30 and 15.30 - 22.00 

Please note that there is a break for lunch between 12.30 and 15.30 for visitors to the exhibtion


R. Alecrim 70
1200-018 Lisboa