Their work is both sculptural as well as utilitarian

Working from their studio in the Santos/Madragoa neighbourhood, Bryony Persson and Wanda Miller design and create contemporary ceramics chiefly using stoneware and porcelain. All the pieces exhibited in their workshop are unique.

Wanda’s ceramics are all hand built and draw inspiration from nature. She is fascinated with the marks and textures created during the phases of growth knocking the preciseness of her work off balance in a nod to nature’s organic imperfection. Over the years she has explored different firing techniques such as raku, a technique used in Japanese pottery and has built large scale sculptures and murals using wagon and gas kilns. In addition to her free-standing sculptures her current projects include the design and creation of porcelain wall installations, hanging mobiles and state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.

Bryony is intrigued by humans and their body language as expressed in her illustrated ceramics and sculptures as well as her line drawings, loosely painted watercolours and Indian ink paintings. Her aim is to capture the essence of a pose in a few simple lines or brushstrokes taking inspiration from day-to-day urban scenery. Her thrown ceramics are light and graceful in form and finished with a series of high-quality glazes which she has collected over the years.

At times both artists combine their best work to collaborate on joint pieces which are then stamped as a Persson and Miller.

Images courtesy of: Persson & Miller

11:00 - 19:00

Open Studio and presentation of new collection

May 25
Ceramic textures presentation/workshop 17.00 - 18.00


Rua da Esperança 96, 1200-658