Pura Cal is a concept, a way of being and thinking of environments and furniture

Our mission is to enable the possibility of building different, unique and achievable spaces. Our vision assumes the creation of self-identities, highlighting the spirit of each space and piece, in order to maximize the comfort and well-being, combining the design to our cultural legacy.

We assume that the soul is our main characteristic, and our ambition is to assign it to all objects and spaces in which we work. Having a soul is to have a history, a past, a future. 

It is to be unique, different from all others, without banalities, but also being "human", with virtues, flaws, and inconsistencies. It is this humanization that identifies and defines us as creatives and as a brand!

Idealize and materialize the space of your dreams. Enjoy spaces entirely thought out and designed for you, which reflect your personality, experiences, and way of being. We developed Architecture and Interior Design projects, at different levels of design approaches, and in all typologies. From the pre-study to the detail project, thoroughly detailed, including furniture design, we conceive and create design concepts fully adapted to your local, imaginary and aesthetics. For those looking to create or renovate their space in a totally personalized service and thinking about all the details, with total guarantee and professional security.

Images courtesy of: Puracal

10:00 - 19:00

Pura Cal new Collection of Furniture
New Ceramic Collection by Maria Castel-Branco X Pura Cal - Dialogues
New Collection Carlos Manuel Gonçalves X Pura Cal
May 26 / Cocktail party / 18:00-20:00 

LX Factory - Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, 1300-501
Espaço 0.1D.4