Distinct Harmony: The Timeless Singularity of Interiors by Rita Valadão

The identity of interiors crafted by Atelier Rita Valadão emerges from the meticulous interaction between distinct volumes, lighting, and authentic materials.

A profound appreciation for colors and textures permeates each project, imparting personality and a timeless purpose to the name of Rita Valadão. Each project is conceived with the dedication reserved for a unique creation.

The paramount commitment in crafting spaces is the pursuit of harmony in eclectic interiors, seamlessly integrating furniture from international designers and pieces conceived by professionals from the atelier, meticulously created by local artisans.

Collaborating with renowned artists in the field of furniture, the studio develops and creates its own pieces, establishing partnerships with both national and international design galleries, expanding its reach from furniture to art curation.

Since 2014, Rita Valadão has been honored with various national and international awards, including the prestigious Lusophone awards for architecture and interior design, A'Design Award & Competition , Muse Design Award, APR Design Award, and TAC Award. 

Images courtesy of: Ricardo Oliveira Alves & José Ferreira (portrait photo)

10:00 - 18:00

Exhibition of objects by guests: ceramic pieces by Anna Westerlund and objects by Mamoa Design designed for the studio

Open house - meeting room arranged as an installation

May 23
18:00 - 20.00 Cocktail with Anna Westerlund

Please note that the studiois closed Saturday and Sunday



Tv. Cova da Moura 2, 1350-118 Lisboa