ROCA LISBOA GALLERY shares knowledge on architecture and design

The Roca Galleries are spaces that express Roca's desire to maintain a constant dialogue with society by creating a platform for knowledge exchange with professionals in the fields of architecture, design, management, and all those related to innovation or sustainability.

The Roca Lisboa Gallery is an open space to the city where one can discover the latest innovations in bathroom spaces, as well as the sensations that surround them. It also aims to be a designated place for social, cultural, and exhibition activities. Constructed over 100 years ago, this five-story building is a design landmark for the city of Lisbon, combining the past and future.

The characteristic features of this old mansion built in 1909, such as its columns, stairs, wooden floors, and cornices, have been respected to preserve its personality. The project, developed by Ferruz Decoradors, maintained the characteristic features of the old mansion to preserve its personality, equipping each floor with the latest technology. An ambitious project whose main objective is to provide visitors with a unique experience.

Of neoclassical origin and completely white, the facade of the Roca Lisboa Gallery stands out in Praça dos Restauradores. On the exterior of the space, you can see the projection "Rituais," which shows images of some daily human activities in the bathroom. The interior of the building displays a selection of Roca products and all floors are equipped with "Fluxus" that transmit the different sensations of water.

The top floor of this building was designed to be a multidisciplinary space for temporary exhibitions and sociocultural meetings. It is a point of union with culture, a space open to design and ideas. Here you can see and hear culture, and talk about the most varied themes underlying the areas of design, architecture, construction, sustainability, innovation, among others.

Visit Roca Lisboa Gallery and enjoy an experience with the Roca brand where you will learn, in a fun and surprising way, about all the elements related to the world of bathing: from product design to the importance of water in society.

Image credit: Carla Heyworth

10:30 - 17:30

Young Design Generation Exhibition

Lisbon Design Week 2024  in collaboration with Roca, has invited designers, architects and artisans to submit their work to the exhibition that will show what the next generations of Portuguese or Portugal-based creatives are making. The exhibition will take place from the 22nd of May to the 31th of July at Roca Lisboa Gallery, where the pieces chosen by the jury will be shown.

May 22
16:00 - 18:00 Inauguration (by invitation only)

Please note the gallery will be closed at the weekend.

Praça dos Restauradores 46, 1250-188 Lisboa