The Artist and purveyor of artisanal mirrors where form and design interact as one

Sharzad's obsession since childhood with the play of the light and shadow led her, where her tale is now: the Artist and purveyor of artisanal mirrors, where form and design interact as one.

From the Venetian monopoly to the peace room and the war room of the hall of mirrors at Versailles, from signed treaties to end of the First World War mirrors have seen it all.

Sharzad often, if not always, works with a narrative. She creates a character and a world that then her mirrors would belong, reflecting the beauty of every day life, its the perfect imperfect of mundane that has attracted her throughout her life most. She finds inspiration within the fragility and strength of nature and its temporality causing her work to be a combination of refine and unpolished….

The technique, texture, cut, poetic dance of light, and the mathematical calculations that are required to create these fragmented works of art have a sweet contrast to the everyday, simple, humble wood she uses within her creations.  Join her in her studio and watch her magic with fragments of mirrors and more! She eschewed trends and followed her intuition, for her work is something more than just a mirror….

The exhibition will be open all 5 days.  The atelier remains open to walkins throughout the day starting at 11.00 to 14.00 and 15.00  to 19.00. The artist appreciates previous whatsapp message to inform on the time slot visit. Whatsapp [+351 910169099]

Photos courtesy of the artist

14:00 - 20:00

An immersive exhibition of mirrors in the artist's atelier. Register by whatsapp +351 910 169 099

Calçada da Estrela 155, Unit 2, 1200-662 Lisboa