Premium porcelain pieces handmade in Lisbon 

Working from her studio, located in the wonderful Pateo Alfacinha in Ajuda, Kiki Voortman designs and creates contemporary pieces, using only porcelain. All her pieces can be ordered on demand, the client has the choice of a range of colors and shapes. Besides bespoke pieces, it is also possible to buy readymade pieces from her collection in the small shop inside her studio.

Originally, she was educated as a textile/product designer in Amsterdam, where her love for soft textures and materials began. Soon after moving to Lisbon, 8 years ago, she ventured into the world of ceramics.  After trying out all sorts of clay and techniques she eventually fell in love with porcelain. Porcelain, known for its strength as well for its softness, gives her the possibility to create unique pieces.

When she started studio k. 5 years ago, she was initially making mainly colorful tableware.
Currently exploring the world of interior design, she now also designs and makes a variety of porcelain lamps.

Using the very specific characteristics of porcelain in all her pieces, which result in colorful matte (unglazed) and often translucent, pieces, showcasing the strength and beauty of porcelain.

For Lisbon Design Week, Studio k. is doing a collaboration with Juliana Penteado Pastry shop, combining the beautiful cakes of Juliana with special edition studio k. pieces. 

During Lisbon Design Week, her ceramic studio in Pateo Alfacinha will also be open for visitors, to see, first hand, how the pieces are being made. The address of the studio is: Páteo Alfacinha
Rua Guarda-Joías 44, Lisbon

Images courtesy of: Patricia Soares from Crua Photo

12:00 - 19:00

Special ceramic exhibition by studio k.

Special LDW cake and cookies on sale in the shop

May 22 - 25
12.00 - 19.00 

Please note that the shop is closed on Sunday

Showing at Juliana Penteado
Calçada da Estrela 5