Margaux Carel & Clotilde de Kersauson, two ceramicists, are hosting a selection of curated artists

Margaux Carel

Margaux Carel is a Paris-born, Lisbon-based artist who works in the medium of clay. 

With a background that spans photography, fashion, and interior design, Margaux derives inspiration from the natural world’s raw, fleeting states of beauty. Her organic sensibility is informed by a childhood spent observing the majestic drama of the Alps—and the profound peace and perspective she found there. Margaux’s artistic process is a meditation, and this is reflected in her sculptures, which are at once strong and grounded, yet ephemeral and impossibly delicate.

Clotilde de Kersauson

A former textile designer, Clotilde has launched her first collection of ceramics in Lisbon.

She studied ceramics at Arco and then opened Studio Mirante with her dear friend Margaux Carel. In her first collection, Clotilde focuses on one object, a simple candlestick. Thrown on a potter’s wheel identical they are then pinched and worked to give them a unique, nearly human character.

Similar to one’s skin, the clay, unglazed, shows marks of the process and will continue to mark, revealing its history.

Claire Duport

Coming from a fashion editorial background, Claire Duport has expanded her work as an illustrator by collaborating with fashion brands and various publications. After working with ink and paper, Claire Duport now translates her research into textile, embroidery and stained glass through various techniques, implementing her emblems in abstract and eye-catching shapes.

Laetitia Rouget

Laetitia Rouget is a French artist living in Lisbon. After spending her childhood in France growing up in a family of porcelain manufacturers, she decided to move to London when she was 19 to study Art at Central Saint Martins School. Well known for her quirky ceramics, her work ranges from beautiful hand-painted ceramic, to up- holstered chairs, and large paintings. Laetitia’s craft includes experimenting with different materials where this “unshackled process” allows for plenty of creativity and freedom often with beautiful surprises and mistakes along the way. Her mission is to spread joy and make light of the ordinary through vibrant colours & witty designs.

Antje Weber (Painting & Cabinet de Curiosités)

German artist Antje Weber was academically trained in sculpture and painting and graduated with a degree in stone sculpture at University of Dortmund. She showed her works in more than 90 exhibitions in Europe and Asia, f.e. Guangdong Museum of Art Guangzhou, Habitat Center New Delhi. She has been living in Lisbon for over 10 years, where she additionally trained in silversmithing at Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa.

Antje works in the field of painting, assemblage and jewelry. Currently, she creates objects of art reassembling modern pieces for a Cabinet de Curiosités following the Baroque tradition of "Wunderkammer" objects, where she combines her different artistic skills in unique pieces for collectors.


Started in 2015 by Amanda Balthazar and Felipe Campedelli Arcaro, Canário Arquitetura is a multidisciplinary studio. Developing from architectural projects - including bioconstruction - interior architecture, design pieces, landscaping, lighting technique, scenography and exhibition projects in Brazil and Portugal

Images courtesy of: Arthur de Kersauson and Teja


10:00 - 18:00

Open studio of Margaux Carel + Clotilde de Kersauson + guests

May 22
10.30 Opening breakfast 

May 22 - 25
16.00 Afternoon tea with the team

Please note that the studio is closed on Sunday


Rua Mirante 28, 1100-353