A Collaboration between Audrey Schayes and Basile Jeandin

Audrey Schayes (Les jus de mots & Codefrisko) and Basile Jeandin (Wasted Time & BJ | Fine Graphic Design) are art directors in visual communication, Belgian and Swiss respectively, they live in Lisbon since 2016.

Together, they created a limited edition at the crossroads of their practices, produced in Wasted Time's workshop. The joint creation will feature a wordplay in Portuguese that honours their adopted city - a way to visually express their gratitude towards Lisbon, which offers a certain magic to people who move here. This edition will be the subject of a vernissage during the Lisbon Design Week.

Wasted Time, founded by art director Basile Jeandin in late 2022, is a project rooted in Lisbon. It thrives in a dedicated space where the lines between art and design seamlessly blend, showcasing the artisanal crafting of unique, limited edition series. At its core, Wasted Time is driven by a mission to create, communicate and distribute a collection of goods, slowly made through local artisanship and collaborative endeavors.

Frisko is a visual communications agency that provides a specialized service for brands that want to position themselves on the stage of excellence by fine or unusual image. With its rich experience and network, Frisko and its creative director, Audrey Schayes, strengthen the image of its clients to achieve prominence in their fields.

Images courtesy of the artists


11:00 - 19:00

Creation of a limited edition at the crossroads of their practices made in Wasted Time's workshop

May 23
19.00 - 21.00 Vernissage

Rua de Santo António da Glória 6A, 1250-092 Lisboa