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Open Call Exhibition
Lisbon Design Week & Roca:
Young Design Generation

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Lisbon Design Week 2024 (LDW24), in collaboration with Roca, invites designers, architects and artisans to submit their work to the exhibition that will show what the next generations of Portuguese or Portugal-based creatives are making.

The exhibition will take place from the 22nd of May to the 31th of July at Roca Lisboa Gallery, where 20 pieces chosen by the jury will be shown. The Exhibition will be part of LDW24 events and has the support of the Clube da Criatividade de Portugal.

Purpose of the exhibition

Show and support emerging national talent and share with a wide audience the restless vision of the generations that are now beginning the future of design as part of the culture.

Category - Creative Fusion

Assuming that any concept of design, architecture and craftsmanship can be materialised in an object (piece), all submissions of pieces that embody transversal concepts or combine elements of design, architecture and craftsmanship (all or only one) are accepted.

Participants are encouraged to show how their work contributes to moving beyond known boundaries in these 3 areas. The pieces to be submitted can be objects, products or HI-FI prototypes, in real size, that occupy an area not exceeding 1m3 (100x100x100cm).


All young designers, architects, artisans and students in the creative sector, of Portuguese nationality or residing in Portugal, individually or as a team. Participants must be under 35 years of age at the time of registration (March 31, 2024).

Submission rules

  • Participation is free;
  • Each participant or team can submit only one piece;
  • The piece may be new/undisclosed or have already been produced, exhibited or commercialized;
  • The piece must be presented through photographs and drawings accompanied by a detailed textual description of its specific characteristics. The description must articulate the concept and development methodology, allowing the jury to understand the creative vision and its form of execution;
  • 20 pieces will be selected. If the piece is selected to be part of the exhibition, the author(s) undertake to deliver an exemplary or a HI-FI prototype, accompanied by a description and brief biography, by May 15 at ROCA Lisboa Gallery to be exhibited. The piece will be on display until July 31, after which a date will be agreed upon when it can be picked up in the same place;
  • The form and detailed information about the submission process are available on the Lisbon Design Week website (open calls);
  • The submission can be written in Portuguese or English; The submission, as well as all requests for information, must be sent to the email  with CC (for the knowledge of) 

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

The intellectual property (copyright) of the submitted pieces remains with the author(s). By submitting a piece to the competition, authors extend the right of exhibition and dissemination to Lisbon Design Week, Roca and partners, who are authorized to communicate, promote and disseminate the submitted pieces in various social communication channels, including, among others, online platforms, exhibitions and promotional materials related to the  Exhibition “ Young Design generation” with the inclusion of clear and prominent identification of the author(s) of the piece being mandatory in all promotional materials.

Declaration of Originality and Rights

When submitting a piece, the author(s) declare on honor that the submitted piece is original, i.e., that it is his/her creative expression. It is the sole responsibility of participants to ensure permissions and ownership rights for all elements incorporated in the submission. Any identification of plagiarism or violation of intellectual property rights will result in exclusion.


The 5 jury members, recognized experts will evaluate the submissions based on the aforementioned criteria, selecting 20 pieces to be exhibited, ensuring that the selected works are aligned with the objectives of the exhibition:

Jorge Vieira
Managing Director of Roca, S.A. since 2009, having been with the Roca Group since 1991, where he previously served as Commercial Director and Managing Director at Roca Argentina, S.A.

Toni Grilo
Member of the LDW advisory board, renowned designer and art director of several design brands. He has run his own studio since 2008. In 2023, he produced Lisbon Design Week's inaugural public art installation.

Sam Baron
Member of the LDW advisory board, world-renowned designer and owner of Sam Baron & Co, based in Lisbon. He recently received the prestigious distinction " des insignes de Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”.

Ana Thudichum
Designer and PhD in design, associate professor, responsible for the D4S Design for Sustainability master's degree and president of the Research Center of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (CIEBA).

David Canaes
Brand Designer at FUEL Lisboa and emerging talent. He received the Bronze award in the design category at Young Lions 2023 and was also the winner of the Open Brief at the Clube da Criatividade de Portugal.


Evaluation criteria

Relevance (40%)

The degree to which the piece addresses contemporary issues and future trends specific to the Portuguese context. The assessment will focus on the ability to introduce concepts that overcome the unique challenges presented by the Portuguese cultural landscape.

Integration of Design, Architecture and Crafts (30%)

The way the piece integrates design, architecture and craftsmanship (all or just one) into an enriching and transformative concept. The evaluation will focus on the potential for exploring transversal and cooperative elements that transcend the boundaries of these disciplines.

Solutions with a vision of the future & excellence in the execution (30%)

The degree to which the piece or its concept instrumentalizes Portuguese material and intangible heritage to innovate responsibly, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This criterion also evaluates meticulous execution, emphasizing design, precision, artistry and attention to detail. The pieces will be evaluated for their ability to translate ideas into reality with a high standard of quality.

The exhibition

The 20 selected pieces will be part of the exhibition at Roca Lisboa Gallery, in Praça dos Restauradores, 46 to open in the week of May 22 to 26, 2024 and which will last until the end of July.

The Exhibition is curated and produced by Lisbon Design Week 2024 and will be integrated into its program, being open to a diverse and very wide audience, including Lisbon residents, students and visitors to the main events taking place simultaneously: LDW24, Arco Lisboa, Clube da Criatividade de Portugal (CCP) and the Lisbon by Design fair, which bring together creatives and professionals of the industry, collectors, national and foreign specialized press and key figures from the art, crafts, design and architecture sectors in Lisbon.

The authors of the selected pieces will be invited to participate in various events organized by Lisbon Design Week. These events include exhibitions, visits to ateliers, stores and galleries, networking events, lectures and inclusion in articles and communication materials by LDW24, Roca Lisboa Gallery and partners. This set of opportunities not only aims to recognize creativity and excellence, but also provides participants with a platform for professional growth and recognition within the creative community.

Important dates

Open Call launch: February 1, 2024
Deadline for submission: March 31, 2024
Selection period: April 1 to 10, 2024
Announcement of the 20 selected pieces: April 15, 2024
Delivery of pieces to Roca Lisboa Gallery: May 15, 2024
Exhibition: Inauguration -  May 22 2024 Closing -  July 31, 2024
Sending of the digital certificate of participation: until July 31, 2024