A place where ideas and practices relating to the built environment are presented

From temporary exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other public programs, this is a place where current topics having an impact on ecosystems and society are debated. Projects and works are exhibited with disciplinary rigor and communicated to non-specialized audiences. Garagem Sul thus presents itself as an architecture centre, paving the way for the sharing of responsibilities in building the habitats of the future.

Exhibition Classroom

This exhibition wants to think with a generation that suffered most of their radical growth into adulthood during the pandemic, studying at home, and returned deeply changed to what appeared unchanged learning spaces, more precisely the old classrooms. A set of questions organizes this archaeology of secondary education classrooms after WWII: how were these spaces produced? how were these bodies engendered and with what ecologies? what modes of assembly were constituting them as a political body? what norms art education was necessarily transgressing? and how was professional education reorganizing the relations between work and education?

Curatorship: Joaquim Moreno

Exhibition organized by Centro Cultural de Belém/Garagem Sul (Lisbon) and Plano Nacional das Artes, arc en reve centre d’architecture (Bordeaux) and Z33 House for Contemporary Art,Design & Architecture (Hasselt).

Images courtesy of: Tiago Casanova 


10:00 - 19:00

27 May: Assembly conversation Lisbon designwise (); talk organised by CIEBA FBAUL on 4 generation of designers at Garagem Sul CCB. Max 30 pax, live video-streamed, by invite only 17.00 - 19.00. 

28 May: Free entry for LDW visitors to Garagem Sul's exhibitions at CCB + guided visit to the Sala da Aula exhibition in English. 30 pax, first come, first serve at 11.00.
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