A studio and artistic residency with spaces dedicated to the work of glass, ceramic and photography

Amande Haeghen

Nature is undoubtedly her main source of inspiration in particular the Arcachon basin that rocked her childhood, deeply traced the curves of her style and more recently the beautiful Portuguese coasts.

Amande Haeghen grew up in an artistic family with both her grandfather and mother being artists. The urge to create soon made itself felt and Haeghen instinctively started working with wall installations made of a multitude of scales and slices, which behave like a second skin covering the walls. These then very quickly came down from the wall to take place in the heart of the living space through sculptures, lights and furniture using materials such as stoneware, brass, glass, porcelain, and marble.

Haeghen works between Paris and Lisbon where she moved in 2021. She opened the « House of Haeg » in the heart of Anjos. More than a personal studio, the place works like an artistic residency with spaces dedicated to the work of glass, ceramic and more recently photography with an analogue and photo studio created by the artist Barbara Portailler.

Her work has been exhibited, among others, in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, Brussels, Lisbon and Dubai.

Barbara Portailler

Barbara Portailler is a visual artist and researcher based in Saint-Denis, Berlin, and Lisbon. Using photography, upcycling, video, ceramics, and storytelling, she works on cycles between art and ecology, fragments, and collectives.

She was discovered in 2013 at the charity auction sale "Artists Angels for Madagascar" at Christie's Paris as an emerging artist working on transmission in the way of the Nouveau Réalisme art movement. After having been a legal counselor for ten years in human rights and environmental law, she resumed her studies and obtained a scholarship for a PhD in arts entitled "Circular Art: The Four Times of an Art-World Without Waste. Anthropocene Artistic Practices, Ecological Imaginaries and Economic Circulations of Leftovers".

She is currently completing a photographic residency with the inhabitants of Ile-Saint-Denis about the 2024 Olympic Games. Her work will soon be exhibited during the collective exhibition "A Room of Our Time" simultaneously at the Galerie Journiac in Paris next April and in the cultural third place Le Sample in Bagnolet. Then, during a personal exhibition titled "Des Rizhomes et de l'Air" at the Artefact gallery in Paris next June.

Images courtesy of: Amande Haeghen

10:00 - 19:00

Masterclass: Glass colors research and melting glass demonstration "crystallizing the elusive" . Visitors will be invited to concoct their own color mix and apply it to a ceramic piece, which will be fired and available to collect within 24 hours. Demonstrations with Amande Haeghen and Barbara Portailler. Each day 11:00 and 15:00

26 May  Artistic Performance by Barbara Portailler
around the theme Circular art “What remains is what is transmitted” 18.00 - 20.00 and cocktail

Please note that on the following days hours vary as follows:

25 May open until 21:00

27 May open 10:00 - 13:00

28 May open 10:00 - 17:00


Rua Damasceno Monteiro 75A, 1170 113